Archeosofica” is an esoteric school, inner and profound, a Study Center and, for those who wish it, also a non-profit cultural association (Archeosophical Society) which prepares, guides and perfects its followers towards the knowledge of themselves, of the higher worlds and  of God, thanks to the investigation and development of new senses, called “spiritual senses”, and leads them to High Initiation.


When good steel is put in contact with a magnet, this steel is magnetized, it becomes in turn a magnet. The Initiation is, in a certain way, an analogous operation. The Initiator, man or woman, is the magnet and the initiant or recipient is the steel, because such must be the consistency of they who have morally tempered themselves in the ascesis. The occult process consists of the transmission of a force which could be called spiritual telekinesis, in the sense that there is a passage of a wave, of a real force that from the brain of the Initiator (where resides the center of gravity of the spirit ) arrives to the center of the spirit of the initiant. This operation may be defined as the opening of the ‘third eye’. In the discharge, that is, in the projection of this force, there is used the help of the ‘divine presence’. If the Initiation is the beginning of a more perfect life in accordance with the Intelligence of God, and if to begin it the three knots must be untied which bind the individual to his physical body and constrain him to the tyranny of the ahrimanic and luciferic influences, it is also a severe, free and voluntary preparation, to assimilate the wisdom and unite it to the charity.
The Initiator projects an image and a name that are registered forever in the consciousness of the receiver, bringing about an awakening, a change, a precise will of ascesis, a new dynamism of the spirit, liberating the emotive and erosdynamic soul from the influence of the material forces and of those titanic. After the first human Initiation – also called horizontal Initiation – there will be another, for the opening of the second eye in the heart, seat of the emotive soul. The third human Initiation will be to open the first eye in the sexual region, in order to get the erosdynamic soul afloat from the physical body. It is the most difficult one, and must be undertaken only when one is thoroughly prepared for it. Before awakening Kundalini, the fire of the eros, the spirit and the soul must be purified and transmuted into the Agape. Only when one is sure of having become pure of mind of heart, can one release the creative forces, because they will no longer be able to drag one towards the perdition.
The effectiveness of the Initiation depends on many factors: 1) – Predisposition because of a good work done in previous existential incarnations of catharsis or purification; 2) – Presenting oneself to the Initiator after a life of methodical exercises, that allow a happy outcome of the spiritualizing investiture; 3)- Having benefited from the law of the polarities.
It is certain that the Initiation conferred by a Master is powerful, especially if he knows the way to utilize the cosmogonic polarities.
The difference of the sexes, apart from any esoteric relationship, spontaneously involves a natural attraction and intellectual, sentimental and sexual perturbation, let us say, an attention and an emotion. But when there is a relationship motivated by spiritual questions, like the Ascesis, then the horizontal Initiation acquires an extraordinary power.
In the final analysis, the latent androgynous state, or, the male-female imprint which every creature carries from the birth by atavic transmission of the primordial couple Adam-Eve, will be awakable in its feminine aspect if the Initiator is a Man, but will be awakable in its masculine aspect if the Initiator is a Woman. This is the stimulating and attractive effect of the different polarities.
If, by a providential occasion, who initiates is a husband or a wife, a mother for a son, a father for a daughter, a brother for the sister, a sister for the brother, or it is a case of a twin soul, then the Initiation is extraordinary.

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