Archeosofica” is an esoteric school, inner and profound, a Study Center and, for those who wish it, also a non-profit cultural association (Archeosophical Society) which prepares, guides and perfects its followers towards the knowledge of themselves, of the higher worlds and  of God, thanks to the investigation and development of new senses, called “spiritual senses”, and leads them to High Initiation.


We have mentioned the fact that an Order has its own soul. It is not too much if we consider this force as an image and likeness of a person of a high spiritual development comparable to the state before the Adamic fall, but with new experiences and conquests. To understand this, we should refer to the occult constitution of  the man and of the woman, which are equal but with inverted polarities; but first of all let us remember that we are immersed in a fluidic sea of subtle forces called ‘planes of the Nature, skies, waters’, which co-penetrate each other and are co-present. The matter of all these planes occupies the same space. The science explains that the ether interpenetrates every physical thing, even the hardest and the densest. No atom or molecule has a direct contact with another, but  each  one  is  suspended  in an ocean of ether. For the esoteric physical science, also the ether is atomic and its atoms do not touch each other. They remain suspended in an environment of a still finer matter, named by the Hermetists ‘astral matter’. In turn, the astral atoms are suspended in the mental matter. The etheric, astral and mental matter form the mortal man, but alive as long as his bodies (etheric, astral and mental) are maneuvered by the respective immortal principles: spirit, emotive soul, eros. The true man is constituted by these three principles, or essences, which are endowed: the first with will, the second with emotivity, the third with creativity. The three record their impressions, during each life, in the mechanisms of a subtle body formed with the mental matter of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd sub-planes of the mental plane. Its name is Causal Body. It resists for millennia, always bound to the three (spirit, soul and eros), constituting the Ego, and it noted down like a computer the experiences of each reincarnation. When we think, desire something in the process of the imagination, we put in movement the matter of the respective mental, astral and etheric planes, and if our concentration is strong we can also model, create all possible and imaginable forms in this sea of plastic forces. Specters, larvae, geometric figures, symbols and colors can be formed and remain bound to who has imagined them. This phenomenon is amply studied by the magic and by the theurgy. In the formation of an initiatic Order, the Founder, fed by his disciples, creates an artificial Causal Body, which we denominate ‘Body of Grace’. This will attract around itself other energies of the mental, astral and etheric worlds, the same energies of which the mortal man is made: energies that to the ultraphanic vision are colored like the human aura.

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