Archeosofica” is an esoteric school, inner and profound, a Study Center and, for those who wish it, also a non-profit cultural association (Archeosophical Society) which prepares, guides and perfects its followers towards the knowledge of themselves, of the higher worlds and  of God, thanks to the investigation and development of new senses, called “spiritual senses”, and leads them to High Initiation.


During the Medieval period, the experience of the initiatic death was the theme of numerous Catholic monks, who, to escape from surveillance and persecution, and to carry out in peace the exercise of the Christian death, gave themselves to the veil and to the subterfuge of the alchemy. In the treatises of these alchemists, the philosophic stone, the athanor, the Great Opus, the sublimation, the quintessence(1), etc. are all expressions which must be interpreted in a spiritual sense, with, at the center, the great Mystery of the initiatic Death. The spirit was called Sulfur, the deified will become the metal Gold, the emotive soul was called Mercury, or Moon if purified, the Eros took the name of Saturnal and Ammonic Sulfur, and so on. The technique of the mystical death, is expounded in the alchemical texts of ecclesiastics such as Albert Magnus, Ramon Llull, Roger Bacon, Pernety, Basilius Valentinus, Abbot Constant (Eliphas Levi). In the course of the mystical death,  the disciple is prey to the greatest pain. He has truly the sensation of dying, and of descending into the darkness. This is torn, and there appears a light: the astral light. The sensation produced is very strange, because it is not at all similar to the light of the sun. In this light, toss the astral forms with their snares. In this new world, the Initiate must look for the point of Light which springs from the Mind of God; must discover and fix himself in the point of Love inside the heart of God; must find the point of  Will of God. Certainly, it is not an easy task, because the impure person cannot see God, and should he succeed in his experiment, he would find himself in a tempestuous ocean. Every year, the Good Friday reminds the Christians of the Passion and Death of the Christ on the cross. In this recurrence, the good Christians pray in silent sadness, follow in a mild form the ways of the penitence, but he who knows how the Mysteries of the esoteric, Archeosophical, Christianity are celebrated, has the possibility to push further, proving himself with the spontaneous will in the most difficult and greatest experiment which a human being can undergo: the suffering of the agonized crucified, who dies and resurrects on the third day. The man from below, and the divine grace from above, permit such an exploit, when the ascetic has been able to obtain the dominion of the physical body and of his subtle bodies in the same way as a yogi, an alchemist and a saint. The Initiate must feel the thorns of the crown like a piercing of his flesh and his soul, the thirst for the water and for God, the spasm of the limbs pierced by the nails, but also the spasm because of the immobility of the consciousness. Then, leave the body loving all, friends and enemies, blessing all, pardoning all, to enter into the etheric(1), astral and mental worlds, linked always to the body in catalepsy by the tenuous silver cord(2) without making it break. To enter and continue pushing ever higher, in that heaven where Saint Paul was abducted, to re-enter voluntarily, deliberately in his own body at the previously fixed moment. Who succeeds in doing this has the guarantee, on the day of his definitive disincarnation, to enter into the hereafter as into his home, to be welcomed as a Hero in the Kingdom of the Heavens. Who engages himself in similar experiments without the preliminary psycho-physical training and the perfect moral purification, is a fool or insane.

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