Archeosofica” is an esoteric school, inner and profound, a Study Center and, for those who wish it, also a non-profit cultural association (Archeosophical Society) which prepares, guides and perfects its followers towards the knowledge of themselves, of the higher worlds and  of God, thanks to the investigation and development of new senses, called “spiritual senses”, and leads them to High Initiation.

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The thirst for knowledge, sooner or later, in one age or in another, surfaces in the mind with its eternal questions: “Who are we? What are we living for? Where are we going to? Where do we come from? Do we have a soul which survives the decomposition of the body or does it perish with it? Is there another life after the present one? Will it be better or worse than this one? Is there a God who watches over us and looks after us, both loving and demanding, to whom we will have to answer for all, thoughts, words and actions? Is there a reward for the person who does good and a punishment for the person who does wrong? Is there a logical reason for the person who suffers in poverty and illness, lacking affection and assistance, or does matter in motion solely and uniquely exist with its inexorable dialectic and a discomforting, eternal becoming without a finality?” This is the nagging thought which lies in ambush, waiting in the depths of the consciousness of everyone and appearing in all its enigmatic spectrality in moments of dejection, solitude, pain, or in front of the drama of death.
Who has faith tells himself: man[1] as a spiritual individual, comes from God and returns to Him, but he returns qualitatively changed in wisdom and love when he listens to the word of the Omnipotent. Who has faith also says that who is obstinate in ignorance and in wickedness loses the way to return, with all the consequences involved. Hence the question:  “Where does man come from and where is he going“, is a problem long solved for the category of believers, but not for all. Besides, faith alone is not enough when one tends towards science and technology, or everything which has a taste of measurement and of objective, concrete and tangible demonstration. For those who ask themselves all these questions, but want facts, we propose Archeosophy. What Archeosophy is, will be amply explained in the introductory sense in this booklet. For the moment, it is enough to know its etymological meaning, from the Greek Archè, which means God, beginning of all beginnings, and Sophìa, which corresponds to science, wisdom. Saint Paul hands down a refined definition of this in his First Epistle to the Corinthians, 2:6-16, and in Colossians, 1:26. This is what he says: “Among the perfects we speak of wisdom, but not the wisdom of this world, nor of the powers of this world that are to be destroyed, but we speak of a wisdom of God (= Archeosophy) shrouded in mystery which has been hidden, and which God predestined before the centuries for our glory.”
Archeosophy wants to give the world – on the basis of three scientific experiments – the proof already acquired that the spirit of Man (in a generic sense called the soul), the I or Man-force, survives the corporeal decomposition and it manifests itself after death spontaneously and tangibly when and where the ‘ecological’ conditions prevail, that is, the environmental influence which these three experiments have long specified. These three experiments use very precise techniques or methods to produce the following phenomena: 1)-Bilocation or out-of-body experience of the volitive, emotive and thinking I from the body which stays in a vegetative state for a period of time set by the experimenter. Bilocation may take place on the physical or three-dimensional plane, or on the supersensible pluri-dimensional one (the Hereafter). It has various functions, among which is the explorative. 2)-The experience of the remembrance of some past lives to confirm the hypothesis of reincarnation; the identification of geographical places, objects, names and all that concerning previous lives. 3)-Spiritualistic and ultraphanic communications through the sensitive and spontaneous mediums and those trained in the Archeosophical techniques. In other words, the making use of messages from the Hereafter.
These three experiments (the ways to carry them out are the subject of our booklets), supply irrefutable and scientific evidence of the survival of the human soul, thus confirming the affirmation of the Churches of all times based on the truths revealed by God to Man.   ‘Archeosofica’, as a school with its headquarters in Rome and with study Centers in many countries, was founded by Tommaso Palamidessi on September 29, 1968. It indicates other techniques with new finalities, superior to the three above-mentioned experiments. These are psychosomatic and instrumental methods to help in the development and transmutation of the essence itself of the I, in view of an itinerary of the overcoming of oneself, of self-awareness, and of the journey towards the safest and happiest of refuges: God.
[1]Please note- In the Italian usage, “man”, “he”, etc may intend both male and female. This usage has been maintained to stay as faithful to the original as possible (Translator’s note).   Continue Reading

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