Archeosofica” is an esoteric school, inner and profound, a Study Center and, for those who wish it, also a non-profit cultural association (Archeosophical Society) which prepares, guides and perfects its followers towards the knowledge of themselves, of the higher worlds and  of God, thanks to the investigation and development of new senses, called “spiritual senses”, and leads them to High Initiation.


We have mentioned the fact that an Order has its own soul. It is not too much if we consider this force as an image and likeness of a person of a high spiritual development comparable to the state before the Adamic fall, but with new experiences and conquests. To understand this, we should refer to the occult constitution of  the man and of the woman, which are equal but with inverted polarities; but first of all let us remember that we are immersed in a fluidic sea of subtle forces called ‘planes of the Nature, skies, waters’, which co-penetrate each other and are co-present. The matter of all these planes occupies the same space. The science explains that the ether interpenetrates every physical thing, even the hardest and the densest. No atom or molecule has a direct contact with another, but  each  one  is  suspended  in an ocean of ether. For the esoteric physical science, also the ether is atomic and its atoms do not touch each other. They remain suspended in an environment of a still finer matter, named by the Hermetists ‘astral matter’. In turn, the astral atoms are suspended in the mental matter. The etheric, astral and mental matter form the mortal man, but alive as long as his bodies (etheric, astral and mental) are maneuvered by the respective immortal principles: spirit, emotive soul, eros. The true man is constituted by these three principles, or essences, which are endowed: the first with will, the second with emotivity, the third with creativity. The three record their impressions, during each life, in the mechanisms of a subtle body formed with the mental matter of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd sub-planes of the mental plane. Its name is Causal Body. It resists for millennia, always bound to the three (spirit, soul and eros), constituting the Ego, and it noted down like a computer the experiences of each reincarnation. When we think, desire something in the process of the imagination, we put in movement the matter of the respective mental, astral and etheric planes, and if our concentration is strong we can also model, create all possible and imaginable forms in this sea of plastic forces. Specters, larvae, geometric figures, symbols and colors can be formed and remain bound to who has imagined them. This phenomenon is amply studied by the magic and by the theurgy. In the formation of an initiatic Order, the Founder, fed by his disciples, creates an artificial Causal Body, which we denominate ‘Body of Grace’. This will attract around itself other energies of the mental, astral and etheric worlds, the same energies of which the mortal man is made: energies that to the ultraphanic vision are colored like the human aura. Continue Reading


Assuming that you have read and studied deeply the concepts of booklet 1, we think it useful to explain about the origins, the formation and the development of an initiatic Order. An Order is, first of all, the institution of a center of spirituality, it is the institution of a priesthood that an individual founds by divine vocation and historical necessity, and also by right of nature when the development of his consciousness is such as to authorize him to create an Order and dilate its spiritual force. In practice, the Order, referring back to the divine intervention in the inner life of every human being, is formed by an earthly Instructor immersed in the light of the special divine presence and by a group of chosen Disciples, followed by others, according to the principles of the initiatic way. What the initiatic way is we have already explained in the other booklets, but we repeat it again: it is an accelerated process of the evolution that realizes in the Initiate what the man of today would probably be capable of becoming only after many centuries of reincarnations by following the ordinary way of the religion. The initiatic way is a science and an art that works bio-physically, psychically and spiritually to obtain the masterpiece of the human species in just one existence. It is the conquest of the sanctity, and of the dominion over our inferior nature, in just one life, with all the means put at our disposal by religion and by the Archeosophical techniques. The Order, to be valid, must have its own force, in a certain way, a soul, in which will make itself felt the spiritual presence of an outer-earthly Master. When a clairvoyant is present where the members of an initiatic Order assemble, they see the colors of the luminous atmosphere becoming intense around the most worthy of the Order. This aura extends itself in all the directions of the space. Each color has its own precise significance, it denotes the virtues, the gifts of perfection. When an Order has fallen into decay or has never been a real Order, it lacks the colors of the aura, or else, they are opaque, null. The possibility of developing the clairvoyance, or of using the Archeosophical instruments is part of our disciplines. Continue Reading


God incarnates himself in a human body for the love towards his creatures, and the souls that come here between us with the Avatars are souls that incarnate themselves for the last time, they are souls freed for eternity, or which return for compassion. When the Messiahs go away, their work needs to be continued by someone guided and inspired by Them, penetrated by the force that they send in their place. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit, the Vivifier, that is, God in action as the creative principle, compared to God as Absolute Being. Who works for the Messiah, supported and inspired by the co-presence of the Holy Spirit, must be ardent, courageous, because the Ecclesia and the initiatic Order lacking in fervor are abandoned by the Spirit. The extinguishing of the great religions was due to the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit, because of the tepidness and aridity of heart of their faithful (not faithful enough). In the Apocalypse of John (III, 14-22) there are precise warnings: “To the angel of the Church of the Laodiceans write: – So, because you are lukewarm, that is neither hot nor cold, I am about to vomit you out of my mouth … Who has an ear let him listen to what the Spirit says to the Churches”. More than once, the influence of the Son through the Holy Spirit made itself felt in those who organized themselves in religious Orders for the popular diffusion of religion, or in initiatic Orders instituted for the preaching and the realization of the Christian message in an esoteric sense. After, these centers of spiritual life dried up, fell asleep, so that the influence from on high withdrew, with the perfect spirits which represented it, from almost everything to make itself felt elsewhere. And it could not have been different. Where the charity and the wisdom are lacking in thoughts, words and works, the divine influx withdraws, in conformity with what Christ said in the parable of the seeds and of the sterile fig-tree: “… to whom who has shall be given and he shall abound greatly, but from whom who has not shall be taken away even what he has” (Matthew, XIII, 12-13). “And having seen a fig-tree on the way (Jesus hungered), he came near it, but found thereon nothing but leaves; then he said to it: – May you bear no fruit again for eternity.- And immediately the fig-tree withered away” (Matthew, XXI, 18-20). Thus it happened, has happened and will happen to the initiatic centers when they fail in their task, and their deficiency is to be seen by the absence of fruits. Today, however, there is an initiatic epicenter to give new fervor, new apostolic vigor to the believers in the Great architect of the Universe. This epicenter is the Lotus+Cross Initiatic Order. In it, by logical deduction and subtle intuition, many seekers of the Truth have believed, and, as in the past, there has been no lack of the diffident and the incautious skeptics. After all, the intuition of things true and holy is for the few. A wise Hindu, Shrî Râmakrishna, has said: “It is very difficult to understand the true nature of a pious man, whether he follows the way of love or that of knowledge. The elephant has two kinds of teeth; the exterior tusks which serve simply for ornament, and the internal teeth that are used to chew with. Thus the pious man often hides his real nature and assumes another. The down of the thistle seeds does not fall at the foot of the plant, but is carried far away by the wind and takes root. Thus the spirit of a wise man when it manifests itself is appreciated at a distance.” Continue Reading


To participate in an Initiatic Order is a rare occasion, and perhaps unrepeatable. An Order is like an Ecclesia, an esoteric priesthood, for which one must have the vocation and the call, the humility and the trust in the Order itself and in its finality. But perhaps the vocation is not yet strong enough for this choice. In this case, there is ‘Archeosofica‘, an esoteric school that prepares for the Initiation: a free school for free scholars, who must not feel like pupils nor apprentices, but brothers who listen to the living voice of other brothers, or who wish to learn from their writings, which present the results of strict studies and experiences: Brothers, who have started out with a mentality free of prejudices and who have analyzed, chosen and accepted the best of all the other esoteric schools, ancient and modern. In addition to this, ‘Archeosofica‘, having understood that the Christ is the most qualified to represent the Messiah on earth, since he has taught for all in conformity to their possibility of understanding him, both in the language of the masses, or popular, and according to a more advanced or esoteric dialectic, thus, ‘Archeosofica’, considers Jesus Christ the most complete Master for the Archeosophical didactics. Continue Reading


These pages are an act of love and of hope, but above all the fulfillment of a precise duty: that of sharing with others what a man has received from the on High, after years of catharsis; act of love, because giving life to an Initiatic Order is a message of brotherhood, a call to perform a spiritual task together, to feel united in a burst of faith around Him who said to men: “I am the bread of life; he who comes to me will never be hungry and he who believes in me will never thirst . . .  All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will not cast out, for I came down from heaven not to do my will, but the will of him that sent me. Now, the will of him that sent me is that I should lose nothing of all he has given me, but that I should raise it up again on the last day. For the will of my Father is that everyone who sees the Son and believes in Him will have everlasting life, and that I raise them up again on the last day” (John, VI: 35-40). To found an Initiatic Order and call it ‘Loto+Croce‘, means to reunite other seekers of God, scattered over the planet, separated and at times too alone, to proceed in the Way of the peace, of the sanctification and of the perfect union with the Absolute. As if to say, in the words of the prophet Jeremiah (XL, 5): “Come, let us bind ourselves to the Eternal in an eternal covenant, that shall never be forgotten”. To ally and to walk together means to love each other, understand each other, have trust in one another in times, like these, of diffidence and mistrust of the man towards the man. The path towards God is not gone through alone, but in a group, because each one supports and gives courage to one another, each one goes on together without any pretense of some being superior to the others, accepting the knowledge and the experience of all for a single finality: to conquer the Kingdom of the Heavens.   Continue Reading


We have observed through the study of the ‘Holy Scriptures‘ how responsible and important every woman is for the salvatory plan of God. Be she, single or married, in religious clothing or not, she has always a mission of educator to fulfill, but we say even more: all women are important, because the Church of the new times awaits the Comforter even before the eschatological return of the Son of God. They must prepare a point on the earth, where there will take place the decisive manifestation of the Holy Spirit. In the Cenacle of the Pentecost, the Spirit radiated over the Apostles because there was Mary, mother of Jesus. With the exceptional descent of the heavenly fire, there was created the hierarchic Church, but the Church was already there, because there was the Virgin Mary. The descent for the Advent of the Holy Spirit will have its female forerunners, as Jesus the Christ had his prophets, his precursors and his sibyls. These forerunners and prophetesses will be chosen among the most suitable women, formed by the doctrine and the ascesis of Archeosophy, but always in strict collaboration with the masculine element. We believe that every woman must be vigilant and keep herself ready for the call from on high, for the voice of the vocation, and keep her attention on the mission of the Virgin Mary in the economy of the universal salvation. The woman must ask herself the question if She too has been chosen to cooperate towards this same salvation, which is the good of all. The great works of God to be developed need evolved, and therefore suitable, people: women and men in perennial apostolic activity. A Woman, Mary, prepared the coming of the Word in the souls and in the Church. Well, a Woman will be the Messiah that will incarnate the Divine Mother, whose Advent must be prepared by you, by the women of the one and indivisible Ecclesia, the Church of Peter, John and Paul, the Archeosophical Ecclesia. A Woman, the Most Holy Mary, prepared the coming of the Word in the souls and in the Church. The earthly mother of Jesus, let this be clear, belongs to the class of the precursors and cooperators, not of the mediators, because as St. Paul wrote in the First Letter to Timothy (2:5-6) “…. there is only one God and one mediator between God and men, Christ Jesus, He himself a man, who gave himself in ransom for all….”. Continue Reading


When good steel is put in contact with a magnet, this steel is magnetized, it becomes in turn a magnet. The Initiation is, in a certain way, an analogous operation. The Initiator, man or woman, is the magnet and the initiant or recipient is the steel, because such must be the consistency of they who have morally tempered themselves in the ascesis. The occult process consists of the transmission of a force which could be called spiritual telekinesis, in the sense that there is a passage of a wave, of a real force that from the brain of the Initiator (where resides the center of gravity of the spirit ) arrives to the center of the spirit of the initiant. This operation may be defined as the opening of the ‘third eye’. In the discharge, that is, in the projection of this force, there is used the help of the ‘divine presence’. If the Initiation is the beginning of a more perfect life in accordance with the Intelligence of God, and if to begin it the three knots must be untied which bind the individual to his physical body and constrain him to the tyranny of the ahrimanic and luciferic influences, it is also a severe, free and voluntary preparation, to assimilate the wisdom and unite it to the charity.
The Initiator projects an image and a name that are registered forever in the consciousness of the receiver, bringing about an awakening, a change, a precise will of ascesis, a new dynamism of the spirit, liberating the emotive and erosdynamic soul from the influence of the material forces and of those titanic. After the first human Initiation – also called horizontal Initiation – there will be another, for the opening of the second eye in the heart, seat of the emotive soul. The third human Initiation will be to open the first eye in the sexual region, in order to get the erosdynamic soul afloat from the physical body. It is the most difficult one, and must be undertaken only when one is thoroughly prepared for it. Before awakening Kundalini, the fire of the eros, the spirit and the soul must be purified and transmuted into the Agape. Only when one is sure of having become pure of mind of heart, can one release the creative forces, because they will no longer be able to drag one towards the perdition.
The effectiveness of the Initiation depends on many factors: 1) – Predisposition because of a good work done in previous existential incarnations of catharsis or purification; 2) – Presenting oneself to the Initiator after a life of methodical exercises, that allow a happy outcome of the spiritualizing investiture; 3)- Having benefited from the law of the polarities.
It is certain that the Initiation conferred by a Master is powerful, especially if he knows the way to utilize the cosmogonic polarities.
The difference of the sexes, apart from any esoteric relationship, spontaneously involves a natural attraction and intellectual, sentimental and sexual perturbation, let us say, an attention and an emotion. But when there is a relationship motivated by spiritual questions, like the Ascesis, then the horizontal Initiation acquires an extraordinary power.
In the final analysis, the latent androgynous state, or, the male-female imprint which every creature carries from the birth by atavic transmission of the primordial couple Adam-Eve, will be awakable in its feminine aspect if the Initiator is a Man, but will be awakable in its masculine aspect if the Initiator is a Woman. This is the stimulating and attractive effect of the different polarities.
If, by a providential occasion, who initiates is a husband or a wife, a mother for a son, a father for a daughter, a brother for the sister, a sister for the brother, or it is a case of a twin soul, then the Initiation is extraordinary. Continue Reading

The serpent of the Genesis, ahrimanic symbol

The serpent, ahrimanic symbol, was ready to suggest to and convince Aîshah of the omnipotence of her companion Aîsh, and of her own omnipotence: to create, to become similar to God. The Tree of the Knowledge, its fruits, the serpent or nahash, in the Mosaic symbolism, equals Ahrimanic and Luciferic powers. At this point, it would be useful to explain some things: in the man, act ahrimanic influxes, that is inclinations to the materiality, to the sensuality; and also other particular, contrary inclinations: to the independence, to the boundless freedom, to the ascesis, called luciferic. The Ahrimanic powers manifest themselves in the mineral, vegetal kingdoms, only as a cause of barrenness, desiccation and death; in the human kingdom, they work to detach the soul as much as possible from the world of the spirit, in order to incorporate it wholly into their materially free world (the serpent). The seduction is exerted with the sensitivity, the sensuality, the corporeality, the tangibility, the formalism, the idolatry, etc. The Luciferic spiritual powers want to completely detach the human soul from the senses, from the world of the senses, leading it to the pride, to the titanism, the anarchic, autarchic spiritual attitude, hostile to the order of the world. The complicity of Eve in the sin against the Orderer, the Creator, was of an extreme gravity, being a sin of egoism, of haughtiness, of titanism and, at the same time, of materialism. The evil intelligence had suggested to Eve that the world had been created by God, but that she with Adam could replace God. Become equal to the Creator! Deeming themselves independent creators, they used a power, called by the Kabbalists: the Sefira Malkhuth(1). There started a creation which did not conform to the will and the intelligence of God, but to that of the cosmic human couple. Therefore, the custodians of the Old and New Testament have fought with reason and with full educational right the three deadly tendencies and actions: the egoism, the self-conceit and the black magic. And Christ, the second Adam, came to preach: the love, the humility and the faithful abandon in the Will of God Father. (1) T. PALAMIDESSI- ELEMENTS OF THE KABBALISTIC TRADITION- Booklet 23. Continue Reading


The Genesis of Moses transports us beyond the time and the space into an ultraphysic world, when the earth on which we live was not even an incandescent mass, and the solar system had no physical consistency, but was modeled in the nothingness. In this metaphysical world, let us imagine with Moses an Adam created and put in a wonderful garden in the company of animals, birds, trees, but alone, without a companion of his kind. A unique Adam, but enclosing in himself she who had to be his woman: Eve. An Androgynous Adam, that is, male and female, active and attractive.
Around him everything was already split according to the pre-established models of the archetypal creation, that is, not yet materialized. Also the animal kingdom had been carried into effect in its variety, therefore it was necessary that the androgynous Adam, one and alone, enter into the duality to be individualized in accordance with the universal law of the ideal creation. Besides, he himself wanted a companion of his own kind, and God Father-Mother granted her to him. He put him in a state of lethargic sleep, and from the luminous, ethereal body of Adam he undoubled the feminine part. There were now two Adams, one of which took the name of Eve. It was a mysterious delivery of the female. But attention, do not fall into the temptation of imagining the first man and the first woman the same as we are. That creation was in the world of the ideas. The primordial creation, the undoubling of the Adamic unity, presupposes that we project ourselves into another dimension. We have said ‘dimension’. What is it? The dimensions are expressions of power. The man imprisoned in a three-dimensional form (height, width, depth) and a specific weight due to the density, sees and considers all things in the light of the three dimensions, because for him is valid only the physical-vital quantity. The defunct, that is the disincarnated ones, free from their material physical body and from those energetic (etheric, astral, mental), live only in the fourth dimension, or in a purely spiritual, ethereal (not etheric) state, and therefore potential, which makes possible that penetration of the bodies not permitted by the physical laws. The dimensions are several: ten, as many as the Sefirot of the Kabbalà. The Eden, or earthly Paradise, and the Heavenly Eden, or New Jerusalem, are in one of these dimensions.
In the undoubling(1), Adam underwent an alienation of that part of himself that we have defined feminine, attractive, the passive element by which Adam was individualized. Attention! We are abiding by a vision ideal, not material, in what we are expounding. The will of Adam had two qualities: one masculine or expansive, and the other feminine or attractive. From one, they became two volitive, intellective principles. Adam, seeing himself reflected in Eve, took consciousness of himself. If he had remained androgynous (male and female in unity), it would have been impossible for him to acquire the free will, and to accomplish a further development through his auxiliary force emanated by himself.
In the Hebrew language, that used to write the Bible, the masculine part of the individualized Adam takes the name of Aîsh, and that feminine  Aîshah. Therefore, even if until now we have been naming Eve, this name must be taken with another meaning (Hewah = elementary existence), that is, what constitutes the origin of everything which constitutes this existence.
Following the universal law, the relations between male and female manifest themselves with a union or with an opposition: the two-fold human aspect. In the intellectual generation, the woman is the fecundator of the man. He takes the impulse to think and to act from the communion, or from the contrast with her. The more or less secret mainspring of the masculine will is always the woman, who mostly lets the man decide consciously or unconsciously, directly or indirectly. In the generation of the flesh, the male is the positive pole, and in this sense he is active, while the woman is passive and constitutes the negative pole. The male fecundates the female when their bodies find themselves in a state of union and of opposition at the same time, and the child of the flesh is born, by the work of the female, from this union-opposition. The male and the female, when they are in union, truly constitute the unity in the body, in the soul and in the spirit. This is the only temporary androgynous moment mentioned also by Jesus: “The Creator in the beginning created them male and female, and said: – Therefore the man shall leave father and mother and shall unite with his wife and the two shall be one flesh –” (Matthew, 19: 4-5).
In the Eden, there were the Trees, one of the Life, symbol of the Intelligence of God and of the life of Grace, and Adam and Eve had to nourish themselves with its fruits. The two volitive faculties had to adhere perfectly to God. There was also a Tree of the Knowledge of the Good and of the Evil, forbidden, under pain of materialization, death, what in India is called Samsâra or the becoming of the cosmos: the fall into a phenomenic world, ruled by the law of the Karma or destiny, that is, the correlation between action and reaction; the crushing in the ‘Wheel of Existence’ intuited by the Buddha.
The poisonous, forbidden fruit, is the blind egoism, the burning cupidity, which brings forth the self-conceit, the anarchic sense, the black magic.
In the Androgynous state, Adam was creator. What he ideated was realized in that metaphysical world, and because his masculine and feminine will adhered to the Intelligence of God that which he ideated was good. Adam, creature of light, had to achieve a work, but once he was undoubled he yielded to the deceptive inducements of the forms and of the senses, making himself a slave of the phantoms of the matter, falling into the abysses of the illusion, of the Maya and of the Samsâra. The III Chapter of the Genesis, v. 1-7, unveils the nature of the original sin: the black magic and the self-conceit of believing oneself omnipotent. Adam, through his volitive faculty Aîsh, was able to realize his thoughts, transferring them from potentiality to action. All that Adam wanted, existed. Adam, split into Aîsh and Aîshah, acquired an independent individuality: he could freely manifest himself. But the will of Adam could not be homogeneous with the creative faculty of God, otherwise he would have been God. Therefore, he could do everything with his will, except to create himself. He was not the source of the life, but a reflection. God had warned him that he, Adam, was the master of the whole universe and that his very body was the Âdamah universe. The unique and homogeneous vital substance in all the creation, this substance Moses calls âdamah. We said that Adam must not touch the center of the creation because, not being able to understand and dominate the two-fold principle of the good and the evil, he must keep himself steadfast with the intelligence orientated towards the coincidence of the opposites, that ends in the unity and identity by grace, correct the biblical interpretation of St. Gregory of Nyssa. (1) T. PALAMIDESSI- HOW TO HAVE AN OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCE AND TRAVEL IN THE SUPERSENSIBLE WORLDS- Booklet 6. Continue Reading

The traditional Myth and esotericism

The traditional Myth is always a key that few can undertake to make use of, because it belongs to the world of esotericism. The word ‘myth’ derives from the Greek μύϑος, mitos, that is tale, fable. The mythology was born with the man, and may be considered a secret language and a necessary element of the religion, with the purpose of handing down, from generation to generation, the profound teachings on the origin of the things, of the creation of the world, of the man, of the woman, the intimate life of God, and the methods for protecting the operating spirituality of the humankind.
Myth and cult are two elements soldered to the religious fact. The cult presents itself as the expression of that mystical emotion which is specific to the religion. The myth is the rational comment of the acts of the cult, transmitted through the centuries by means of a fabric of symbols. Of these, the wise know the meaning, but the popular mass of believers hold fideistically to the plot of the mythic tale, because they are not able with the sole force of the reason to penetrate the occult significance of the myth. Besides, the myth is part of an oral or rarely written tradition, for the few who read in it as in an open book. If the chain of sapiential transmission should be interrupted, then the understanding of the myth could be favored by meditating on it: a meditation which calls, in the Initiate, for an inspired intuition.   The myths were conceived by the great priests of the past, when the necessity prevailed of veiling the divine Revelation. However, also today in fully modern times, there is no lack of instances of new additions of a mythical character in the Catholic religion itself, we do not know whether deliberately or unconsciously. Later, when the times are ripe and the minds open, the myth is substituted by a mental creation more ample, more accessible, more moral, to arrive at the value of a metaphysical system. The old myth remains like an obsolete thing, understandable only on condition that it be allegorized as the receptacle of a high religious and moral teaching, or else degraded to the rank of  fable.
In all the religions, some myths persist, that even today have their strength and represent closed or mute books for those who are inexpert in this field. Of the myth, the Alchemists made use to conceal, from those who were not ready, the phases, the operations of transmutation of the ordinary consciousness into an initiatic super-consciousness. But the woman Archeosopher, to fulfill her work, must needs become a knower of myths and, obviously, a decipherer of the myth. Continue Reading
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