Archeosofica” is an esoteric school, inner and profound, a Study Center and, for those who wish it, also a non-profit cultural association (Archeosophical Society) which prepares, guides and perfects its followers towards the knowledge of themselves, of the higher worlds and  of God, thanks to the investigation and development of new senses, called “spiritual senses”, and leads them to High Initiation.

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The Lotocrucian doctrine is the Archeosophy. To understand it well, it is necessary to study all the booklets planned by ‘Archeosofica‘. The Order has an emblem that puts in evidence two fundamental symbols: the flower of the white Lotus and the Cross. To integrate these two symbols, there enter into operation other ideograms (drawings expressing concepts), as follows:
  1. –An equilateral triangle, with the vertex pointing upwards and a cross welded to the center of the base, alchemic symbol of the red Sulfur or Philosophical Sulfur.
  2. – At the center of the triangle, there is a heart.
  3. – In the heart, there is the open right eye.
  4. – The right eye, developed and open in the heart, is inside a pentagram, or five-pointed star, with the vertex pointing upwards.
  5. – A flower of white Lotus is above the heart, and digs its root into the heart itself, it is nourished by the blood of this heart: it is a Lotus that is opening, flowering.
  6. – A looped cross, or key of Isis, is suspended above the flower.
  7. Three dots, forming a triangle with the vertex pointing upwards, are above the looped cross, and another three dots, are under the heart, with the vertex pointing downwards.
  8. – Over the vertex of the red Sulfur, there is the name of God in Hebrew: jod, he, wau, he, (יהוה), at the right vertex the name of God in Latin: DEUS, and on the other side, on the left vertex, the Sanskrit AUM (), or name of God for India. Below, under the cross, the name of God in Arabic, Allah ().
  9. – On the left side of the large triangle, there is written ‘ORDER‘, on the right side ‘INITIATIC‘, on the third side, below, ‘LOTO+CROCE‘.
  10. – Around the symbols, a large circle.
The ten symbols of the emblem say many things about the doctrine, they are a force, because the icon of the sacrificial altar with the theurgic rites, awakens in the Initiate the paranormal faculties. These symbols are explained in detail in the Rituals reserved for the Lotocrucians, but they are also dealt with in two special booklets, therefore we will not dwell any longer on them(1). (1)  T. Palamidessi- THE WAY OF THE SYMBOLS AND THE SPIRITUAL TRANSMUTATION-Booklet 14:-THE ARTISTIC ASCESIS, THE COLORS AND THE PAINTING-Bk.27. Continue Reading


On 4 May 1948, at 2:45 p.m., Tommaso Palamidessi founded in Turin, according to the rites of the Theurgy, the Loto+Croce Initiatic Order. Then, in conformity with the traditional usage, the Founder took the Esoteric Name. With the same criterion, the symbolic change of personality is effected in the new Lotocrucians, with the adoption of an esoteric name.   The Loto+Croce Initiatic Order carries out its action in the world through its brothers, who have different grades and tasks. The Order has 12 Grades, plus one represented by the Founder of the Order or by his substitute. The first 3 grades can be summarized thus: 1st) – Brother Neophyte; 2nd) – Brother Initiate; 3rd) – Brother Master. The other nine grades indicate the different Elected Brother Masters. In all, 12 grades, in which may take part all the citizens of the earth of both the sexes. At the head of these 12 grades there is the Superior Initiator, whose office has the duration of his life. The death of the Superior Initiator implies a successor to continue the activity of the Order, chosen from among the Brothers and Sisters on proposal of the same S.I.; if this is not possible, the election will be made by a Synod of Lotocrucians. The members are organized in groups, or Temples of Assembly, whose direction is entrusted to who has the highest initiatic grade. The central seat of the Lotus+Cross Initiatic Order is Rome, also because the Urbs, in the past, was a center of spiritual radiation with king Numa Pompilius, and later with the same occult Ecclesia. The Order has its symbols, rites and theurgic instruments. To all its grades, have access men and women(1). The name Loto+Croce was given because the flower of the white Lotus has a rich symbolism of its own, as we will see, no less important than the Cross. In the floral symbolism of Ancient Egypt, India, Iran and Palestine, the flower of the Lotus is superior to that of the Rose. It is the meeting between western spirituality and that eastern. The Lotus is the symbol of the reincarnation, of the purity, of the ‘new birth from on high’, of the blossoming of the consciousness purified in the Sun of the Divinity. The Cross is the Horizontal  Initiation and that Vertical, which in fact cross each other, but   represents also the Cross of the Christ, the crucifixion of the egoism in us to let blossom from our hearts the pure love towards the Humanity, all the creatures, the things and God. Of the symbolism inherent in the Loto+Croce emblem, we will speak again. Now, it seems important to us to make known how toilsome and lengthy has been the bringing to life of the ‘Body of Grace‘ of this Order, exactly from the distant 1948 to 1966. The theurgic rites, the deep meditations to create the instrumental substrate of the Initiatic Body have demanded the labors of Hercules, until the Special Divine Presence made itself felt with two extraordinary phenomena during the pilgrimage in the Holy Land, in Jerusalem, 7 April 1966, at 7 p.m., in the Holy Sepulchre, exactly in the place where tradition says that the Cross was driven on the Golgotha. But if this date marked the beginning of a decisive turning point for the spiritual evolution of the Founder, also significant is the other phenomenon which happened to him on the morning of 8 April 1966, on the rock of the Gethsemane. That Easter of Resurrection will remain unforgettable for the Author, because the two unexpected preternatural events healthily unsettled him and made him a participant of the revelation. In the first case, on the point of the Golgotha, a little to the right of the hole, he suddenly felt a drop of blood fall on his skullcap: a hot, living drop which penetrated his brain like a burning iron. And this dripping of blood continued to hammer, day and night, for years. On that occasion, he had the distinct sensation that the drop fell from the upper part of the body of the Christ, because, in an interior vision, he saw the pierced feet of the Redeemer and the wood that surfaced a little from the ground. Jesus was crucified with his feet half a meter from the ground. In the second phenomenon, that of 8 April in the Gethsemane, a whirlwind of force, a mighty light, pervaded who writes, who remained crying and sobbing on the white rock of Christ, for a time that was short, but seemed eternal. His wife Rosa and his daughter Silvestra were to one side praying, but he seemed to be clinging like an anguished shipwrecked person to a rock beaten by the stormy sea. Hisses, moans of the elements, physically heard, and a great blinding light, then the figure of Jesus ablaze like molten gold. Nor did the hot dripping on the head stop. It was a state of profound anguish, that of those who seek God and are unable to detach themselves from the earth, and feel the ripping of their soul being drawn and quartered, by the angels who pull on one side, and the demons on the other. From that moment, many years have gone by, but emotions of this kind remain impressed like a brand of fire. These phenomena, and still many others that we cannot put in writing since they occurred in the course of particular Initiations, provide the guarantee that the Loto+Croce Initiatic Order is a living and active force wanted by the Avatar. The Holy Spirit is upon it, whose symbol is the white Dove. Hence, could also fly away if the Order should yield little, none or bad grain. In the Bible, and in its esoteric commentaries (cfr. Zohar, I, 207b; III, 7a), the Holy Spirit is the Shekhinah. Jesus, according to the Gospel of the Hebrews, says: “A short time ago my mother, the Holy Spirit, took me by one of my hairs, and transported me on the great mount Tabor”. Believe us, to have the special spiritual presence we did not spare ourselves, but new forces are called for to nourish the sacred fire of the Loto+Croce, and these are the right times, because we are moving towards the end of a Cycle. There is not a minute to lose. Today we are alive, tomorrow we may find ourselves motionless in the coffin, without even a moment to collect our forces and call, with humility and love, for the help of Jesus to keep us awake in the passing away, and to benefit by his redeeming and liberating action from the yoke and from the play of the phenomenic world. If the destiny of our reincarnation is true, and of this we have proof, he who dies awake, repenting his sins, overflowing with love for the Humanity, for all the things and the creatures, for the One and Trine God, is mathematically certain of reaching the Paradise, and of not being reincarnated again, neither in this nor in other worlds. To so much, the way of the Loto+Crucian Initiation and the Archeosophical doctrine can lead, followed with courage and will. (1) T. Palamidessi- THE INITIATION FOR THE WOMAN AND THE FEMININE ADEPTHOOD– Booklet 2.   Continue Reading


With the descent of the Savior into the world, a new force has been infused into every believer, the life of the grace, principle of eternal life, interrupted when the first stock of the humanity alienated itself from God. Already at the beginning, when the metaphysical world was created, we were ordained priests potentially, because the Adam Kadmon was made the first priest of a cosmic liturgy; but the missing continuity of union of the progenitor with the Intelligence of God set the conditions for a long wait before the restoration could be re-established. During this long wait, God has given in   progressive revelation. As Saint Paul writes to the Hebrews (I,1): “After God had in ancient times, in several occasions and in various manners, spoken to our fathers through the prophets, lastly in our days he has spoken to us through the mouth of his Son ….”. So, when the opportune moment came, the Avatar Jesus instituted the Ecclesia by the will of the Father and the cooperation of the Holy Spirit. In conformity with the Christian Initiation of this Ecclesia, all the baptized, confirmed and communicants are elected priests for the eternity of a ‘Royal Priesthood‘. In the Bible, next to the functional priesthood, namely the caste of the Levite clergy, there is mention of a universal priesthood of the people of God. The Lord Jehovah, after the gift of the Torah to Moses, declared: “You shall be to me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation” (Exodus XIX, 6). In the New Testament, it is Saint Peter who confirms what God had revealed to Moses: “You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood”. The first Bishop twice reminds the persecuted neophytes of their priesthood, in his first epistle, with the following expressions: “Set yourselves close to Him (the Christ), the living stone; you also as living stones are built on Him (to be) a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices made acceptable to God by the intermediation of Jesus Christ . . . But you (who believe) are a chosen lineage, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people set apart for God” (1 Peter, II, 4-5, 9). Passages similar to the letter of St. Peter are found in Isaiah. LXI, 6; LXII,12. John the Evangelist confirms what St. Peter says: “To him that loves us and acquitted us from our sins in his own blood, and has made us a kingdom, priests for God his father, to him be glory and dominion in the centuries” (Apocalypse. I, 5-6). Saint John will confirm three more times the priesthood of all the faithful (Apoc. V, 10; XX, 6; XXII, 5). Obviously, the baptized and faithful of both the sexes. If a priesthood has been established with the imposition of the hands and the power to transmit the sacred Order to other Christians, it is still true that through the baptism, the faith and the works, we are priests for eternity and every virtuous person can validly administer all the Sacraments. Otherwise, for what reason should Moses, Isaiah, Peter and John, who revealed the word of God, have said that we are a “chosen line, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people of God”? At the beginning of the Christianity, there appeared a category of people with the task of performing the liturgical functions (to baptize, to consecrate the Eucharist, to administer it, etc.): these constituted and continued to be (by succession) the clergy. But such a distinction between clergy and laity was founded solely and uniquely on practical necessities of good order. All the faithful considered themselves priests, and when it was necessary they could preach, baptize, celebrate the Eucharist. Such traditional usage and conviction was confirmed by the Apostles, and by that famous and significant passage of Matthew (XVIII, 18-20), which says: “In truth I tell you: whatever you will bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you will loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. In truth I also tell you: if two of you on earth will agree to ask anything at all, it will be granted to them by my Father which is in the heavens. For where two or three are met together in my name, there I am in the midst of them”. Only in the IV century was the dreadful idea born that the priesthood was a privilege, and an inalienable and reserved power only for the priests ordained for the clergy. Saint Augustine gave an indelible basis to the doctrine which upholds the non-priesthood of the faithful. The Holy Scriptures, however, cannot be changed, and we remain true to them, because Peter and John knew the will of the Messiah better than those who came after. From these considerations and from many others, not said for reasons of space, we can draw the conclusion that in virtue of the “priesthood of the faithful” it is possible and legitimate to develop a ‘priesthood of the initiates’, that is an esoteric priesthood represented by an esoteric Ecclesia. The idea and the epithet of ‘lay people’, that is profane, does not find a place either in the Bible or in the New Testament, but makes way when the Era of the Emperor Constantine closes the fecund period of the exoteric and esoteric Christianity, that is, integral; the people of the ‘Royal Priesthood’ became estranged from their mission, refusing the prophetic dignity and the marvelous gifts of the Holy Spirit. Despite this grave deviation, the Tradition of the Fathers and Ecclesiastical writers of the archaic Church remains unchanged. The layman is not considered as such, but he is sealed in all his being with the gifts of the sanctifying Spirit, is a charismatic being in the total sense. For the Christ, the faithful represent an ecclesial place, which is at one time World and Church. The universal priesthood of the faithful has power over the cosmic liturgy, over the cosmic sacredness, through the mere presence of its sanctified beings, bearers of the Trinity. Christ has not entrusted to only a part of the Christianity  the carrying out of the priestly and prophetic mission, but said to all, men and women: “Go, therefore, and teach all the peoples”. In conclusion, each of us has been confirmed an ‘apostolic person’. The universal priesthood of the faithful, instituted by Jesus according to the order of Melchizedek, is for certain party to the three powers: to govern, to teach, to sanctify. A passive people is not coherent with the patristic ecclesiology and with the will of Christ, true historical Man and true God. Let us reclaim, therefore, our priestly dignity. The sleep of the laymen has ended. Let us open ourselves to the Holy Spirit and let us enter into the world. Let us now speak a little about the ‘priesthood of the initiates’, even if the preceding booklets, and the present one, have already made it clear. The Priesthood of the Initiates is the logical development of the “universal priesthood of the faithful”, born from the faithful in the Christ who have understood what the Messiah meant under the veil of those sealed expressions: “He who has ears, understand…! Many things I could say to you, but you cannot understand them…”. In the priesthood of the Initiates, there find their place those Christians who know more, and can face the experiences of the great Mysteries, from the memory of the past lives(1) to the out-of-body experience in order to travel through the supersensible worlds(2) , from the reading of the akashic archives to the ultraphanics. If it is true, most true, that without the Charity and the Humility one does not enter into the Kingdom of the Heavens; if it is true and most true, that without the Love towards God and his Messiah we cannot enter into the Kingdom of God, it is also true that without the conquest with the initiatic experiences, suggested by the Archeosophical ascesis, one remains behind the walls of the Heavenly Jerusalem. He who has ears, understand! We have already said more than enough. (1)  T. PALAMIDESSI- THE MEMORY OF THE PAST LIVES- Booklet 5. (2)  T. PALAMIDESSI- HOW TO HAVE AN OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCE AND TRAVEL IN THE SUPERSENSIBLE WORLDS- Booklet 6.   Continue Reading


The Order is therefore an artificial, cosmic, gigantic man, dilatable and endowed with the faculty of growing qualitatively and quantitatively, because it is fed by the Founder of the Order, nourished by the Disciples, made active in a superlative sense by the special spiritual divine presence: the presence of the Avatar, that is, the Messiah, operating through his dynamics, the Holy Spirit. If to this energetic body, to which we can give the name of  ‘Initiatic Body’, there is lacking the special spiritual presence, either because of the death of the founder of the Order, or of the scarce cooperation of the Archeosophers, the ‘Initiatic Body‘ remains alive, valid, united with the Father and to the Holy Spirit in the Son and the Holy Virgin Mary. As the apostle Paul wrote to the Galatians, 4. 6-7 “you are no more a slave, but a son; and if you are a son, you are also an heir by the will of God”. Reflect on the significance of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Man-God, and the greatness of the destiny that awaits the true male or female Initiate. An Initiatic Order calls for continuous help from the heaven, and the vertical action is in direct function of the intense inner life of the animator and of the disciples of the Order. The Founder or the Head of an initiatic Order, is comparable to a famous bird: the Pelican. This bird of the white plumage with pink and yellow hues, feeds its young even with its own blood, by ripping open its breast. It was the symbol of Christ the Redeemer, of the Eucharist, of the preacher, of the penitence and of the charity. Who founds and keeps alive the Order, must possess the Knowledge, the Holy Gnosis about which Clement of Alexandria wrote, and must have experimented authentic contacts with the hereafter, and have put himself in contact with the divine instructors. The animator of an Order must have lived the experience of the small and great Mysteries, and must continue to feed in his heart the lamp of the Christic love. Between the Master of the Order, the Initiatic Body and the Christ, there must be established a circuit. We know that the founder of an Order and his continuers, as men or women, cannot create the spirit, the soul and the eros, that is, the immortal triad. This creative power belongs only and uniquely to God, but to the Adept is given the power to form a ‘Body of Grace’ with the other wrappings or instruments, such as the mental, emotional, etheric bodies, and give himself to them. But he cannot continue alone, he needs the immanence of God from on high, and the immanence of the Disciples from below. We, for years and with years of theurgic will(1), have formed the ‘Initiatic Body‘ of the Lotus+Cross Initiatic Order, with the heat of our heart we have developed the seed of the Lotus flower and, in order to cooperate with the Avatar, we have accepted the sacrifice of a gigantic missionary work that integrates the Christianity of the masses. After long years of gestation, incubation of the Order, we have succeeded in earning for it the special spiritual presence, supported by the authority of the universal priesthood of the faithful. (1) T. Palamidessi- THE LABYRINTH OF DREAMS AND THE PERENNIAL WAKEFULNESS- Bk.38.   Continue Reading


We have mentioned the fact that an Order has its own soul. It is not too much if we consider this force as an image and likeness of a person of a high spiritual development comparable to the state before the Adamic fall, but with new experiences and conquests. To understand this, we should refer to the occult constitution of  the man and of the woman, which are equal but with inverted polarities; but first of all let us remember that we are immersed in a fluidic sea of subtle forces called ‘planes of the Nature, skies, waters’, which co-penetrate each other and are co-present. The matter of all these planes occupies the same space. The science explains that the ether interpenetrates every physical thing, even the hardest and the densest. No atom or molecule has a direct contact with another, but  each  one  is  suspended  in an ocean of ether. For the esoteric physical science, also the ether is atomic and its atoms do not touch each other. They remain suspended in an environment of a still finer matter, named by the Hermetists ‘astral matter’. In turn, the astral atoms are suspended in the mental matter. The etheric, astral and mental matter form the mortal man, but alive as long as his bodies (etheric, astral and mental) are maneuvered by the respective immortal principles: spirit, emotive soul, eros. The true man is constituted by these three principles, or essences, which are endowed: the first with will, the second with emotivity, the third with creativity. The three record their impressions, during each life, in the mechanisms of a subtle body formed with the mental matter of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd sub-planes of the mental plane. Its name is Causal Body. It resists for millennia, always bound to the three (spirit, soul and eros), constituting the Ego, and it noted down like a computer the experiences of each reincarnation. When we think, desire something in the process of the imagination, we put in movement the matter of the respective mental, astral and etheric planes, and if our concentration is strong we can also model, create all possible and imaginable forms in this sea of plastic forces. Specters, larvae, geometric figures, symbols and colors can be formed and remain bound to who has imagined them. This phenomenon is amply studied by the magic and by the theurgy. In the formation of an initiatic Order, the Founder, fed by his disciples, creates an artificial Causal Body, which we denominate ‘Body of Grace’. This will attract around itself other energies of the mental, astral and etheric worlds, the same energies of which the mortal man is made: energies that to the ultraphanic vision are colored like the human aura. Continue Reading


Assuming that you have read and studied deeply the concepts of booklet 1, we think it useful to explain about the origins, the formation and the development of an initiatic Order. An Order is, first of all, the institution of a center of spirituality, it is the institution of a priesthood that an individual founds by divine vocation and historical necessity, and also by right of nature when the development of his consciousness is such as to authorize him to create an Order and dilate its spiritual force. In practice, the Order, referring back to the divine intervention in the inner life of every human being, is formed by an earthly Instructor immersed in the light of the special divine presence and by a group of chosen Disciples, followed by others, according to the principles of the initiatic way. What the initiatic way is we have already explained in the other booklets, but we repeat it again: it is an accelerated process of the evolution that realizes in the Initiate what the man of today would probably be capable of becoming only after many centuries of reincarnations by following the ordinary way of the religion. The initiatic way is a science and an art that works bio-physically, psychically and spiritually to obtain the masterpiece of the human species in just one existence. It is the conquest of the sanctity, and of the dominion over our inferior nature, in just one life, with all the means put at our disposal by religion and by the Archeosophical techniques. The Order, to be valid, must have its own force, in a certain way, a soul, in which will make itself felt the spiritual presence of an outer-earthly Master. When a clairvoyant is present where the members of an initiatic Order assemble, they see the colors of the luminous atmosphere becoming intense around the most worthy of the Order. This aura extends itself in all the directions of the space. Each color has its own precise significance, it denotes the virtues, the gifts of perfection. When an Order has fallen into decay or has never been a real Order, it lacks the colors of the aura, or else, they are opaque, null. The possibility of developing the clairvoyance, or of using the Archeosophical instruments is part of our disciplines. Continue Reading


God incarnates himself in a human body for the love towards his creatures, and the souls that come here between us with the Avatars are souls that incarnate themselves for the last time, they are souls freed for eternity, or which return for compassion. When the Messiahs go away, their work needs to be continued by someone guided and inspired by Them, penetrated by the force that they send in their place. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit, the Vivifier, that is, God in action as the creative principle, compared to God as Absolute Being. Who works for the Messiah, supported and inspired by the co-presence of the Holy Spirit, must be ardent, courageous, because the Ecclesia and the initiatic Order lacking in fervor are abandoned by the Spirit. The extinguishing of the great religions was due to the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit, because of the tepidness and aridity of heart of their faithful (not faithful enough). In the Apocalypse of John (III, 14-22) there are precise warnings: “To the angel of the Church of the Laodiceans write: – So, because you are lukewarm, that is neither hot nor cold, I am about to vomit you out of my mouth … Who has an ear let him listen to what the Spirit says to the Churches”. More than once, the influence of the Son through the Holy Spirit made itself felt in those who organized themselves in religious Orders for the popular diffusion of religion, or in initiatic Orders instituted for the preaching and the realization of the Christian message in an esoteric sense. After, these centers of spiritual life dried up, fell asleep, so that the influence from on high withdrew, with the perfect spirits which represented it, from almost everything to make itself felt elsewhere. And it could not have been different. Where the charity and the wisdom are lacking in thoughts, words and works, the divine influx withdraws, in conformity with what Christ said in the parable of the seeds and of the sterile fig-tree: “… to whom who has shall be given and he shall abound greatly, but from whom who has not shall be taken away even what he has” (Matthew, XIII, 12-13). “And having seen a fig-tree on the way (Jesus hungered), he came near it, but found thereon nothing but leaves; then he said to it: – May you bear no fruit again for eternity.- And immediately the fig-tree withered away” (Matthew, XXI, 18-20). Thus it happened, has happened and will happen to the initiatic centers when they fail in their task, and their deficiency is to be seen by the absence of fruits. Today, however, there is an initiatic epicenter to give new fervor, new apostolic vigor to the believers in the Great architect of the Universe. This epicenter is the Lotus+Cross Initiatic Order. In it, by logical deduction and subtle intuition, many seekers of the Truth have believed, and, as in the past, there has been no lack of the diffident and the incautious skeptics. After all, the intuition of things true and holy is for the few. A wise Hindu, Shrî Râmakrishna, has said: “It is very difficult to understand the true nature of a pious man, whether he follows the way of love or that of knowledge. The elephant has two kinds of teeth; the exterior tusks which serve simply for ornament, and the internal teeth that are used to chew with. Thus the pious man often hides his real nature and assumes another. The down of the thistle seeds does not fall at the foot of the plant, but is carried far away by the wind and takes root. Thus the spirit of a wise man when it manifests itself is appreciated at a distance.” Continue Reading


We close this introduction with an ardent prayer: read, examine our booklets without preconceptions, with serene soul, with vigilant mind, and above all with humility and love, because with humility and love we have written to you, with humility and love we are looking for you, with humility and love we are working for you, to prepare the way for the Lord who must return. And with us there is always John, the Prophet of the Apocalypse, to whom Jesus left the task of developing the esoteric and invisible Ecclesia, discontinuous and ardent like the fire, instituted on the Calvary when John was made son of the Virgin Mary and brother of Christ, and confirmed on the lake of Tiberias. To Peter was entrusted the flock and the martyrs (lambs), but to John the more evolved humanity with the command of remaining until his return. (John, XXI, 4.25). What return? The end of the times! Those which must still come. John was the only one who could work in silence with other disciples and the Madonna, according to the doctrine that the Zendic Magi had given to Jesus during his infancy, and to his precursor John the Baptist. The visit and the sojourn of the Magi Kings, astrologers, diviners, therapeutists, is connected with the didactic preparation of Jesus and of the Baptist. The Zendic Magi had learned from the Veda and condensed in the Avesta the secret doctrine. This was learned by an inner circle of Hebrews during the time of the deportation in Babylon, and transmitted orally and partly in writing in the Kabbalistic literature, and in the incomplete writings of the Ecclesiasticus, the Book of Wisdom, the Book of Daniel and the Book of Enoch: doctrines that passed to the secret Orders of the Therapeutists, and of the Essenes, and from them to John the Baptist and the Messiah. The Savior, as an envoy of God, had the integral gnosis, that is, the divine knowledge, but as a man he had to study the Holy Scriptures and the popular and secret interpretation of these. It is enough to know that Peter, James, and John in particular, were well informed about the esoteric doctrine of Israel and of its relationship with the teachings of the Sanctuaries of India and of Egypt at that time. So, along this line, walk we of Archeosophy and of the Lotus+Cross Initiatic Order, to serve God and the Humanity. Continue Reading


To participate in an Initiatic Order is a rare occasion, and perhaps unrepeatable. An Order is like an Ecclesia, an esoteric priesthood, for which one must have the vocation and the call, the humility and the trust in the Order itself and in its finality. But perhaps the vocation is not yet strong enough for this choice. In this case, there is ‘Archeosofica‘, an esoteric school that prepares for the Initiation: a free school for free scholars, who must not feel like pupils nor apprentices, but brothers who listen to the living voice of other brothers, or who wish to learn from their writings, which present the results of strict studies and experiences: Brothers, who have started out with a mentality free of prejudices and who have analyzed, chosen and accepted the best of all the other esoteric schools, ancient and modern. In addition to this, ‘Archeosofica‘, having understood that the Christ is the most qualified to represent the Messiah on earth, since he has taught for all in conformity to their possibility of understanding him, both in the language of the masses, or popular, and according to a more advanced or esoteric dialectic, thus, ‘Archeosofica’, considers Jesus Christ the most complete Master for the Archeosophical didactics. Continue Reading


These pages are an act of love and of hope, but above all the fulfillment of a precise duty: that of sharing with others what a man has received from the on High, after years of catharsis; act of love, because giving life to an Initiatic Order is a message of brotherhood, a call to perform a spiritual task together, to feel united in a burst of faith around Him who said to men: “I am the bread of life; he who comes to me will never be hungry and he who believes in me will never thirst . . .  All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will not cast out, for I came down from heaven not to do my will, but the will of him that sent me. Now, the will of him that sent me is that I should lose nothing of all he has given me, but that I should raise it up again on the last day. For the will of my Father is that everyone who sees the Son and believes in Him will have everlasting life, and that I raise them up again on the last day” (John, VI: 35-40). To found an Initiatic Order and call it ‘Loto+Croce‘, means to reunite other seekers of God, scattered over the planet, separated and at times too alone, to proceed in the Way of the peace, of the sanctification and of the perfect union with the Absolute. As if to say, in the words of the prophet Jeremiah (XL, 5): “Come, let us bind ourselves to the Eternal in an eternal covenant, that shall never be forgotten”. To ally and to walk together means to love each other, understand each other, have trust in one another in times, like these, of diffidence and mistrust of the man towards the man. The path towards God is not gone through alone, but in a group, because each one supports and gives courage to one another, each one goes on together without any pretense of some being superior to the others, accepting the knowledge and the experience of all for a single finality: to conquer the Kingdom of the Heavens.   Continue Reading
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