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God incarnates himself in a human body for the love towards his creatures, and the souls that come here between us with the Avatars are souls that incarnate themselves for the last time, they are souls freed for eternity, or which return for compassion. When the Messiahs go away, their work needs to be continued by someone guided and inspired by Them, penetrated by the force that they send in their place. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit, the Vivifier, that is, God in action as the creative principle, compared to God as Absolute Being. Who works for the Messiah, supported and inspired by the co-presence of the Holy Spirit, must be ardent, courageous, because the Ecclesia and the initiatic Order lacking in fervor are abandoned by the Spirit. The extinguishing of the great religions was due to the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit, because of the tepidness and aridity of heart of their faithful (not faithful enough). In the Apocalypse of John (III, 14-22) there are precise warnings: “To the angel of the Church of the Laodiceans write: – So, because you are lukewarm, that is neither hot nor cold, I am about to vomit you out of my mouth … Who has an ear let him listen to what the Spirit says to the Churches”. More than once, the influence of the Son through the Holy Spirit made itself felt in those who organized themselves in religious Orders for the popular diffusion of religion, or in initiatic Orders instituted for the preaching and the realization of the Christian message in an esoteric sense. After, these centers of spiritual life dried up, fell asleep, so that the influence from on high withdrew, with the perfect spirits which represented it, from almost everything to make itself felt elsewhere. And it could not have been different. Where the charity and the wisdom are lacking in thoughts, words and works, the divine influx withdraws, in conformity with what Christ said in the parable of the seeds and of the sterile fig-tree: “… to whom who has shall be given and he shall abound greatly, but from whom who has not shall be taken away even what he has” (Matthew, XIII, 12-13). “And having seen a fig-tree on the way (Jesus hungered), he came near it, but found thereon nothing but leaves; then he said to it: – May you bear no fruit again for eternity.- And immediately the fig-tree withered away” (Matthew, XXI, 18-20). Thus it happened, has happened and will happen to the initiatic centers when they fail in their task, and their deficiency is to be seen by the absence of fruits. Today, however, there is an initiatic epicenter to give new fervor, new apostolic vigor to the believers in the Great architect of the Universe. This epicenter is the Lotus+Cross Initiatic Order. In it, by logical deduction and subtle intuition, many seekers of the Truth have believed, and, as in the past, there has been no lack of the diffident and the incautious skeptics. After all, the intuition of things true and holy is for the few. A wise Hindu, Shrî Râmakrishna, has said: “It is very difficult to understand the true nature of a pious man, whether he follows the way of love or that of knowledge. The elephant has two kinds of teeth; the exterior tusks which serve simply for ornament, and the internal teeth that are used to chew with. Thus the pious man often hides his real nature and assumes another. The down of the thistle seeds does not fall at the foot of the plant, but is carried far away by the wind and takes root. Thus the spirit of a wise man when it manifests itself is appreciated at a distance.” Continue Reading


We have observed through the study of the ‘Holy Scriptures‘ how responsible and important every woman is for the salvatory plan of God. Be she, single or married, in religious clothing or not, she has always a mission of educator to fulfill, but we say even more: all women are important, because the Church of the new times awaits the Comforter even before the eschatological return of the Son of God. They must prepare a point on the earth, where there will take place the decisive manifestation of the Holy Spirit. In the Cenacle of the Pentecost, the Spirit radiated over the Apostles because there was Mary, mother of Jesus. With the exceptional descent of the heavenly fire, there was created the hierarchic Church, but the Church was already there, because there was the Virgin Mary. The descent for the Advent of the Holy Spirit will have its female forerunners, as Jesus the Christ had his prophets, his precursors and his sibyls. These forerunners and prophetesses will be chosen among the most suitable women, formed by the doctrine and the ascesis of Archeosophy, but always in strict collaboration with the masculine element. We believe that every woman must be vigilant and keep herself ready for the call from on high, for the voice of the vocation, and keep her attention on the mission of the Virgin Mary in the economy of the universal salvation. The woman must ask herself the question if She too has been chosen to cooperate towards this same salvation, which is the good of all. The great works of God to be developed need evolved, and therefore suitable, people: women and men in perennial apostolic activity. A Woman, Mary, prepared the coming of the Word in the souls and in the Church. Well, a Woman will be the Messiah that will incarnate the Divine Mother, whose Advent must be prepared by you, by the women of the one and indivisible Ecclesia, the Church of Peter, John and Paul, the Archeosophical Ecclesia. A Woman, the Most Holy Mary, prepared the coming of the Word in the souls and in the Church. The earthly mother of Jesus, let this be clear, belongs to the class of the precursors and cooperators, not of the mediators, because as St. Paul wrote in the First Letter to Timothy (2:5-6) “…. there is only one God and one mediator between God and men, Christ Jesus, He himself a man, who gave himself in ransom for all….”. Continue Reading


The gigantic phenomenon of the Marian cult and the Dogma of the Holy Virgin, harbor profound meanings in relation to the woman. Mary is defined as the second Eve and the mother of the Avatar, that is of the divine Messiah or second Adam. The rapid and universal acceptance of a Woman for a special cult is the eloquent sign that the feminine spirituality is indissoluble from that masculine. But if the Marian question prompts us to consider the historical and initiatic function of the Woman, it is also true that from the creation of the world to the Advent of the Christ, the cult of an archetypal Woman has always been, and this is confirmed by the history of the religions. For these considerations, and for others presented in this work, the function of the Woman is beyond discussion, and if there is a vertical Initiation that from on High comes from God to Man, then a descent of the divine energies must occur also for the Woman, be she mother, sister or daughter, since the Woman carries the image and the likeness of the Trinity.
The fact, historical and mythical at the same time, that a Woman, and exactly Mary of Nazareth, was chosen to incarnate the divinity, is the most precise indication that the woman is, both for the man and for the woman, the way, the sacral instrument for a complete ascesis. Besides, it would be impossible to remain insensitive to the evangelical affirmations of Luke (I, 35), when he writes: “The Holy Spirit will come over you and the Virtue of the Most High shall overshadow you. Therefore the holy Being which shall be born of you shall be called Son of God.” That same Son of God who, according to the fragment of the ‘Gospel of the Hebrews’, shall say: “A short time ago my mother, the Holy Spirit, took me by one of my hairs and transported me on the great Mount Tabor.” This quotation is to be found also in the ‘Commentary to the Gospel of Saint John’, ch. XII, by Origen. “My Mother, the Holy Spirit”! Therefore, all the women are under the patronage of the Cosmic Mother, who cooperated in the creation of the world and of Adam and Eve.
The Holy Spirit, in the Aramaic texts, is of the feminine gender. Ruach, spirit, in Hebrew is feminine. In iconography, that is in pictorial representations, the Holy Spirit is indicated as a dove, ancient symbol of the Aegean civilization, where we find it in a certain dove-goddess or goddess of the dove, formerly associated with the great feminine goddesses of the Mediterranean, with the Potnia of Crete, Ishtar of Derceto, Mylitta, also with Aphrodite, and it represents their force and influence on humanity. In the Odyssey of Homer (XII, 63), it is the doves that bring Zeus his nourishment, the ambrosia. Sometimes it is represented by tongues of fire. The Holy Spirit figures in all the phases of the creation and of the history of the religions. In the Christianity it is enough to remember the Baptism of Jesus, the Annunciation to Mary and the Pentecost.
The Messiah promised that, after his departure, there would come the Comforter, that is, the Holy Spirit, She whom the Christ called “my mother”.
The Madonna received the Holy Spirit before being the earthly mother of the Avatar. In the Hebrew Kabbalà, the Holy Spirit is spoken of with the term Shekhinah, “the bride of the King”; the bride of God, the Holy Spirit, would be the Shekhinah (see ‘Zohar’, I, 207 b; III, 7 a). Continue Reading
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