Archeosofica” is an esoteric school, inner and profound, a Study Center and, for those who wish it, also a non-profit cultural association (Archeosophical Society) which prepares, guides and perfects its followers towards the knowledge of themselves, of the higher worlds and  of God, thanks to the investigation and development of new senses, called “spiritual senses”, and leads them to High Initiation.

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The Lotocrucian doctrine is the Archeosophy. To understand it well, it is necessary to study all the booklets planned by ‘Archeosofica‘. The Order has an emblem that puts in evidence two fundamental symbols: the flower of the white Lotus and the Cross. To integrate these two symbols, there enter into operation other ideograms (drawings expressing concepts), as follows:
  1. –An equilateral triangle, with the vertex pointing upwards and a cross welded to the center of the base, alchemic symbol of the red Sulfur or Philosophical Sulfur.
  2. – At the center of the triangle, there is a heart.
  3. – In the heart, there is the open right eye.
  4. – The right eye, developed and open in the heart, is inside a pentagram, or five-pointed star, with the vertex pointing upwards.
  5. – A flower of white Lotus is above the heart, and digs its root into the heart itself, it is nourished by the blood of this heart: it is a Lotus that is opening, flowering.
  6. – A looped cross, or key of Isis, is suspended above the flower.
  7. Three dots, forming a triangle with the vertex pointing upwards, are above the looped cross, and another three dots, are under the heart, with the vertex pointing downwards.
  8. – Over the vertex of the red Sulfur, there is the name of God in Hebrew: jod, he, wau, he, (יהוה), at the right vertex the name of God in Latin: DEUS, and on the other side, on the left vertex, the Sanskrit AUM (), or name of God for India. Below, under the cross, the name of God in Arabic, Allah ().
  9. – On the left side of the large triangle, there is written ‘ORDER‘, on the right side ‘INITIATIC‘, on the third side, below, ‘LOTO+CROCE‘.
  10. – Around the symbols, a large circle.
The ten symbols of the emblem say many things about the doctrine, they are a force, because the icon of the sacrificial altar with the theurgic rites, awakens in the Initiate the paranormal faculties. These symbols are explained in detail in the Rituals reserved for the Lotocrucians, but they are also dealt with in two special booklets, therefore we will not dwell any longer on them(1). (1)  T. Palamidessi- THE WAY OF THE SYMBOLS AND THE SPIRITUAL TRANSMUTATION-Booklet 14:-THE ARTISTIC ASCESIS, THE COLORS AND THE PAINTING-Bk.27. Continue Reading


On 4 May 1948, at 2:45 p.m., Tommaso Palamidessi founded in Turin, according to the rites of the Theurgy, the Loto+Croce Initiatic Order. Then, in conformity with the traditional usage, the Founder took the Esoteric Name. With the same criterion, the symbolic change of personality is effected in the new Lotocrucians, with the adoption of an esoteric name.   The Loto+Croce Initiatic Order carries out its action in the world through its brothers, who have different grades and tasks. The Order has 12 Grades, plus one represented by the Founder of the Order or by his substitute. The first 3 grades can be summarized thus: 1st) – Brother Neophyte; 2nd) – Brother Initiate; 3rd) – Brother Master. The other nine grades indicate the different Elected Brother Masters. In all, 12 grades, in which may take part all the citizens of the earth of both the sexes. At the head of these 12 grades there is the Superior Initiator, whose office has the duration of his life. The death of the Superior Initiator implies a successor to continue the activity of the Order, chosen from among the Brothers and Sisters on proposal of the same S.I.; if this is not possible, the election will be made by a Synod of Lotocrucians. The members are organized in groups, or Temples of Assembly, whose direction is entrusted to who has the highest initiatic grade. The central seat of the Lotus+Cross Initiatic Order is Rome, also because the Urbs, in the past, was a center of spiritual radiation with king Numa Pompilius, and later with the same occult Ecclesia. The Order has its symbols, rites and theurgic instruments. To all its grades, have access men and women(1). The name Loto+Croce was given because the flower of the white Lotus has a rich symbolism of its own, as we will see, no less important than the Cross. In the floral symbolism of Ancient Egypt, India, Iran and Palestine, the flower of the Lotus is superior to that of the Rose. It is the meeting between western spirituality and that eastern. The Lotus is the symbol of the reincarnation, of the purity, of the ‘new birth from on high’, of the blossoming of the consciousness purified in the Sun of the Divinity. The Cross is the Horizontal  Initiation and that Vertical, which in fact cross each other, but   represents also the Cross of the Christ, the crucifixion of the egoism in us to let blossom from our hearts the pure love towards the Humanity, all the creatures, the things and God. Of the symbolism inherent in the Loto+Croce emblem, we will speak again. Now, it seems important to us to make known how toilsome and lengthy has been the bringing to life of the ‘Body of Grace‘ of this Order, exactly from the distant 1948 to 1966. The theurgic rites, the deep meditations to create the instrumental substrate of the Initiatic Body have demanded the labors of Hercules, until the Special Divine Presence made itself felt with two extraordinary phenomena during the pilgrimage in the Holy Land, in Jerusalem, 7 April 1966, at 7 p.m., in the Holy Sepulchre, exactly in the place where tradition says that the Cross was driven on the Golgotha. But if this date marked the beginning of a decisive turning point for the spiritual evolution of the Founder, also significant is the other phenomenon which happened to him on the morning of 8 April 1966, on the rock of the Gethsemane. That Easter of Resurrection will remain unforgettable for the Author, because the two unexpected preternatural events healthily unsettled him and made him a participant of the revelation. In the first case, on the point of the Golgotha, a little to the right of the hole, he suddenly felt a drop of blood fall on his skullcap: a hot, living drop which penetrated his brain like a burning iron. And this dripping of blood continued to hammer, day and night, for years. On that occasion, he had the distinct sensation that the drop fell from the upper part of the body of the Christ, because, in an interior vision, he saw the pierced feet of the Redeemer and the wood that surfaced a little from the ground. Jesus was crucified with his feet half a meter from the ground. In the second phenomenon, that of 8 April in the Gethsemane, a whirlwind of force, a mighty light, pervaded who writes, who remained crying and sobbing on the white rock of Christ, for a time that was short, but seemed eternal. His wife Rosa and his daughter Silvestra were to one side praying, but he seemed to be clinging like an anguished shipwrecked person to a rock beaten by the stormy sea. Hisses, moans of the elements, physically heard, and a great blinding light, then the figure of Jesus ablaze like molten gold. Nor did the hot dripping on the head stop. It was a state of profound anguish, that of those who seek God and are unable to detach themselves from the earth, and feel the ripping of their soul being drawn and quartered, by the angels who pull on one side, and the demons on the other. From that moment, many years have gone by, but emotions of this kind remain impressed like a brand of fire. These phenomena, and still many others that we cannot put in writing since they occurred in the course of particular Initiations, provide the guarantee that the Loto+Croce Initiatic Order is a living and active force wanted by the Avatar. The Holy Spirit is upon it, whose symbol is the white Dove. Hence, could also fly away if the Order should yield little, none or bad grain. In the Bible, and in its esoteric commentaries (cfr. Zohar, I, 207b; III, 7a), the Holy Spirit is the Shekhinah. Jesus, according to the Gospel of the Hebrews, says: “A short time ago my mother, the Holy Spirit, took me by one of my hairs, and transported me on the great mount Tabor”. Believe us, to have the special spiritual presence we did not spare ourselves, but new forces are called for to nourish the sacred fire of the Loto+Croce, and these are the right times, because we are moving towards the end of a Cycle. There is not a minute to lose. Today we are alive, tomorrow we may find ourselves motionless in the coffin, without even a moment to collect our forces and call, with humility and love, for the help of Jesus to keep us awake in the passing away, and to benefit by his redeeming and liberating action from the yoke and from the play of the phenomenic world. If the destiny of our reincarnation is true, and of this we have proof, he who dies awake, repenting his sins, overflowing with love for the Humanity, for all the things and the creatures, for the One and Trine God, is mathematically certain of reaching the Paradise, and of not being reincarnated again, neither in this nor in other worlds. To so much, the way of the Loto+Crucian Initiation and the Archeosophical doctrine can lead, followed with courage and will. (1) T. Palamidessi- THE INITIATION FOR THE WOMAN AND THE FEMININE ADEPTHOOD– Booklet 2.   Continue Reading


These pages are an act of love and of hope, but above all the fulfillment of a precise duty: that of sharing with others what a man has received from the on High, after years of catharsis; act of love, because giving life to an Initiatic Order is a message of brotherhood, a call to perform a spiritual task together, to feel united in a burst of faith around Him who said to men: “I am the bread of life; he who comes to me will never be hungry and he who believes in me will never thirst . . .  All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will not cast out, for I came down from heaven not to do my will, but the will of him that sent me. Now, the will of him that sent me is that I should lose nothing of all he has given me, but that I should raise it up again on the last day. For the will of my Father is that everyone who sees the Son and believes in Him will have everlasting life, and that I raise them up again on the last day” (John, VI: 35-40). To found an Initiatic Order and call it ‘Loto+Croce‘, means to reunite other seekers of God, scattered over the planet, separated and at times too alone, to proceed in the Way of the peace, of the sanctification and of the perfect union with the Absolute. As if to say, in the words of the prophet Jeremiah (XL, 5): “Come, let us bind ourselves to the Eternal in an eternal covenant, that shall never be forgotten”. To ally and to walk together means to love each other, understand each other, have trust in one another in times, like these, of diffidence and mistrust of the man towards the man. The path towards God is not gone through alone, but in a group, because each one supports and gives courage to one another, each one goes on together without any pretense of some being superior to the others, accepting the knowledge and the experience of all for a single finality: to conquer the Kingdom of the Heavens.   Continue Reading
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