Archeosofica” is an esoteric school, inner and profound, a Study Center and, for those who wish it, also a non-profit cultural association (Archeosophical Society) which prepares, guides and perfects its followers towards the knowledge of themselves, of the higher worlds and  of God, thanks to the investigation and development of new senses, called “spiritual senses”, and leads them to High Initiation.

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The imitation of the Christ places before the candidate some initiatic stages during which, assisted by the Instructor and using the means of the Archeosophical ascesis, he must realize. The Mysteries will be a ritual ceremony, specific for each Mystery, in which the rules of the theurgy, of the astrological phenomena (mysteric astrology), of the preliminary purifications, and, beside the dramaturgical representation, the actors who participate in the celebration of the Mystery must be truly living, experiment their role. The Mysteries celebrated symbolically, do not change the nature of the individuals. Neither do they alter it in those Mysteries in which it is attempted to influence the consciousness with the hypnotism, as happened in ancient epochs in the sanctuaries where the murderers, satisfied to be so, the sinners who did not alter their lives, appeared, or the tyrants, who did not intend to submit themselves to the purification, before and after the mysteric rite. The Christian Mysteries are many: Mystery of the birth of the Christ, Mystery of the star and the Magi or Epiphany, Mystery of the baptism, Mystery of the temptation, Mystery of the transfiguration, Mystery of the washing of the feet, Mystery of the Eucharistic institution or Last Supper, Mystery of the flagellation, Mystery of the coronation of thorns, Mystery of the carrying of the cross, Mystery of the Golgotha, agony and death; Mystery of the descent into the infernals, Mystery of the Resurrection, Mystery of the Ascension, and many other Mysteries. We, however, will mention in this booklet the major Mystery of the mystical or initiatic Death, but will not explain the ritualistic particulars according to the theurgy, which are akin to those of the esoteric Mass, and therefore secret. Continue Reading


In the past, the truths of the Revelation and their interpretation were hidden behind the Mysteries, and were revealed only in the secret societies and to the very few trusted ones of the Sanctuary. They could be known by those who had experimented the different grades of the Initiation, and who had promised, with a solemn oath, to observe the laws of the Order for their whole life. This condition was right. By its nature, the initiatic secret cannot be divulged without precautions, because one accedes to the knowledge only with the psycho-spiritual selection of the Initiation. The silence and the secret presuppose a Revelation or a Tradition to be preserved. The secret inherent in the things of the Initiation, incommunicable to the masses, remains uncommunicated even if the profane knows all the details of the initiatic rites, because the rites stir the sentiments, but do not give the knowledge. On the example of the past, when there were the revelations of Moses and of Hermes Trismegistus, also the Christian revelation of the first centuries was sealed by the law of the silence, in accordance with the warning of Jesus to His disciples: “Do not give that which is holy to the dogs, and do not throw your pearls before the swine, so that they do not trample them under their feet and, turning on you, they rend you” (Matthew, 7: 6). Words truthful and always present! The silence, besides being a defense against the profanations and the false interpretations of the unenlightened, is a force, and like all the forces serves to make an initiatic movement stronger. But, even if the divulgence of a divine revelation and of the results of certain Archeosophical experiences, that is the Mysteries, is an imprudence, because of the possible carelessness of some followers, also the silence has its negative aspects. Especially today, as the humanity enters into an acute crisis, certain truths can no longer be kept occulted, because the salvation of many depends precisely on the knowledge of these. After all, to become Initiates and Children of God requires so much force, tenacity and intelligence, that the way to the understanding of the Mysteries becomes, for some, a road without an exit. The exaggerated silence causes the loss of the key of the science of the Mysteries. Jesus said to the Scribes and the Pharisees: “You have usurped the key of the science, and you did not enter, and you have impeded those who were entering there” (Luke, 11, 52). Now, from the time of the first Apostles, by dint of silence, we have arrived at an absolute muteness concerning the Mysteries. Who knew have passed to another life, hit by the persecutions or yielding to the old age, so that of the integral Christian Tradition there only remains the rind or the shell of a sapiential seed. The Gnosis, that of Clement of Alexandria, has been filtered to such an extent that it has disappeared completely. Therefore, the extremisms are never constructive. The ecclesiastical history, if objective, can tell us much. Many things we know, but frankly we ask ourselves, not without perplexity: how many ears are ready to listen to us? How many good intellects to understand us? The Ecclesiastes says that: “to everything there is a season, and a time comes to every purpose under the heaven …. a time to be silent and a time to speak” (3: 1-7). Is today the time to speak? Can we develop our program? How many will appreciate our sacrifice? The Truth is a double-edged sword, a precious instrument in the hands of the good, but a dangerous weapon if used with an unevolved and perverse spirit. For this, the Messiah spoke in parables: “It is through various parables of this kind that he announced the word in a way in which they were able to understand it. He conversed always with parables, but in private he explained everything to his disciples” (Mark, 4: 33,34). He said: “I have many things to tell you, but you cannot understand them now. When the consoler, the spirit of truth, will come, he will guide you in into the whole truth” (John, 16: 12-13). “These things I have told you in similitudes. The time will come when I shall no longer speak to you in similitudes, but I shall openly let you know the Father” (John, 16: 25). “I send you as sheep in the middle of wolves. Be wise as serpents and simple like doves” (Matthew, 10: 16). Undoubtedly, the silence, in certain cases, is indispensable. The Tradition belongs to those who must save themselves in conformity to the Mystery of the Predestination (see further on). In the Treatise of the Spirit, St. Basil the Great, in 370, wrote of the initiatic silence: “unspoken and mystical tradition maintained until our days, and of a secret instruction observed without discussion by our Fathers, and that we follow keeping to the simplicity of their silence. Because we had learned how necessary was the silence to preserve the respect and the veneration owed to our holy Mysteries. And, in fact, it was not becoming to divulge in writing a doctrine enclosing in itself things that catechumens are not permitted to contemplate“. Well, we must explain several things, of the few that we know, but some of these cannot be given in a booklet of Archeosophical divulgence; the ‘Discipline of the Arcane‘ suggests the development of some of the aspects in a special, strictly confidential literature. And now, we enter into the heart of the subject, thus justifying the title of our booklet: ‘Introduction to the Minor and Major Mysteries‘. We begin with the definition of the terms ‘mystery‘ and ‘mysteries‘. Continue Reading
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