Archeosofica” is an esoteric school, inner and profound, a Study Center and, for those who wish it, also a non-profit cultural association (Archeosophical Society) which prepares, guides and perfects its followers towards the knowledge of themselves, of the higher worlds and  of God, thanks to the investigation and development of new senses, called “spiritual senses”, and leads them to High Initiation.

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Feminine adepthood in Judaism and Christianity

In the primitive Mosaism, it is well known that the female Initiations existed. Mary,  sister of Moses and Aaron, was an Initiate and a member of the Council of God (Numbers, 12: 2; Exodus, 15: 20). The symbols of that time were the doves, the turtledoves, the lambs, which the women sacrificed to Jehovah.
The priestly role of Mary, the first among the Dancers of Israel, indicates the work of Moses in the defense of the old dogma of Ram on the equality and the indissoluble union of the Masculine with the Feminine, in the social State as in Iêvê.
Following the example of Samuel, founder of the Jewish school of the Prophetism, the Roman matrons gave life in ancient Rome to the first school of the Christian Apostolate. Of this meritorious institution speaks Saint Jerome, Doctor of the Church, who died in Bethlehem on the 30th September 420. In this seminary directed by women descendants of the patrician families, were initiated the free priests of Christ in the esotericism of the sacred sciences.
The fundamental parity of the sexes before God, has no more need to be discussed: “For as many of you as have been baptized in Christ – says St. Paul –you have clothed yourselves with Christ… So there is no more … neither man nor woman” (Gal. 3: 27-28). One of the aims of the religion and of the Archeosophical Initiation is for the woman, in relation to God, to acquire a ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ spirituality; for the man, a ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ spirituality. If they do not arrive to such a point, they should consider themselves spiritually and initiatically mutilated, and in discord with God. Continue Reading
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